Yasir Dil

Communication Associate

Mr Yasir Dil working as a Communication Associate. He is assisting SUBAI in implementing the communications strategy for SUBAI and ensure implementation in all Assemblies. Focusing on updating key social media platforms regularly and ensure implementation of SUBAI branding guidelines.

Yasir Dil is a young professional known for his t-shaped marketing techniques, strategic management, development communications and campaigning expertise. He started his career in the early 2011’s and served in various leading organization and firms. Having been in many leadership positions, he brings savvy to any role and the ability to
drive and develop campaign & communication strategies. He thrives
on developing ideas that cut through the clutter. He has also co-founder and a senior member of some great youth forums top-of-mind-brand names in the country. He has diversified experience in
various spheres that include telecom, social development, Mainstream Media, the housing sector, clothing brands, broadcast marketing, and service delivery. He has also been involved in significant overseas projects as an
international consultant with high profile global teams.

He has done his Master in Development Studies at the Iqra University in 2014. It was during his Master’s Degree that he found out that the interaction between individuals and their environment is most interesting, intriguing and complex. More specifically, this interest developed in the direction of politics. What is the role and significance of media, journalism, and information in shaping public opinion? After he obtained his master’s degree, he pursued his career with Sustainable Development Policy Institute (SDPI) in 2015 as Campaign & Communication officer, which he left in January 2018. I joined WaterAid UK Based charity organisation as Programme Officer (SACOSAN) his current role here was to hold preparatory meetings, briefings, and coordination meetings at Water Aid Pakistan office in coordination with Ministry of Climate Change as it short term consultancy, He was also consultant with Pakistan Red Crescent Society and supporting them in making campaigns and communication strategies. He believes that his strong technical experience and education will make a great contribution to the organisation due to the key strengths he possessed.