Women’s Parliamentary Caucus Roadshow

Women’s Parliamentary Caucus Roadshow

Women’s political participation is not simply about increasing their numbers but it is also about enhancing effectiveness and impact. Women should be able to participate in open, transparent and accountable decision making as ‘agents of change’. SUBAI plans to materialize this through capacity building and training of the cross-party Women’s Parliamentary Caucuses within the Assemblies. For this purpose, SUBAI organized a Women’s Parliamentary Caucus (WPC) Roadshow in Balochistan in October 2017.

Women’s Parliamentary Caucus Roadshow hosted by SUBAI in Balochistan.

The primary objective of this event was to highlight the key areas of development for the WPC Members. The event also aimed to identify another important aspect, i.e. the kind of support WPC needs from citizens and government to perform their duties more effectively and efficiently. The participants were also briefed about the significance of the WPC, its overall objective, and strategies for consistent functioning of WPC as a forum for women representation in the Assemblies.

Discussions focused on the importance of Women’s Parliamentary Caucuses in the Assemblies, and their responsibility and advocate for greater women participation. The expert, Mr. Imran Rizvi, shared international best practices that can be adopted to help improve the functioning of WPC. He emphasized the representative role of WPC in defending women’s legislative priorities and working on issues of gender equality within the Assemblies.

Participants having discussions during the Women’s Parliamentary Caucus Roadshow event.

A total of 13 participants attended the workshop. Honourable Members of the Balochistan Assembly, Members of WPC, Vice Chairperson, Secretary of the Assembly, Additional Secretary, Representatives from UNDP and PIPS were among the participants. All the participants were provided with the opportunity to share their feedback and recommendations for improved functioning of WPCs across the Assemblies.