SDG Taskforce Briefing

Briefing for Sustainable Development Goals Taskforce in Punjab

In May 2017, SUBAI organized the first briefing of the Provincial Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) Taskforce for the Provincial Assembly of the Punjab.

The main objective of this meeting was to provide technical assistance to the Parliamentarians on informed Parliamentary business, effective oversight in the standing committees, and facilitation in evidence-based legislation.

Discussions during the event covered all significant interventions to strengthen the Provincial SDGs Taskforce, and identified contours of the Assembly’s Strategic Workplan for 2017-18. Moreover, this event also provided the Parliamentarians with the opportunity to freely discuss and share their experiences and to take a closer look at the different aspects of SDGs with particular focus on the challenges faced in oversight of service-delivery.

Multiple parliamentary interventions were identified and discussed during the meeting.  The Expert also shared a number of successful case studies and best practices from the Parliamentary SDGs Taskforce at the Federal level. The Convener SDGs Taskforce MPA Ms. Azma Bukhari led the delegation. Punjab Assembly Secretariat executives and staff, as well as the PIPS Lahore Office also participated in the briefing. The briefing offered a platform for discourse generation on topical issues concerning Constituencies and resulted in feedback gathering for future engagements with Taskforce Members.

The consultation during the briefing enabled the Taskforce Parliamentarians to discuss issues, opportunities and challenges in law-making, representation and oversight in their respective Constituencies so that legislators can efficiently respond to the immediate and urgent needs of the communities that they represent.

At the conclusion of the discussions, SDG priorities for 2017-18 were identified, that would form the basis for a Key Performance Indicator (KPI) driven workplan for the Taskforce. The Members showed keen interest in working with Subai in future and reaffirmed their desire to work together towards strengthening linkages between the Federal Parliamentary SDGs Secretariat and the Provincial SDGs Taskforce. The Taskforce also committed to create further linkages and build alliances between key relevant forums and institutions to support and strengthen closer ties with other Provincial Assemblies to share experience and knowledge.

Members appreciated Subai’s support to facilitate this cross-sectoral consultation on the integration of the SDGs agenda into the Provincial Assembly Standing Committees including health, education, human rights, agriculture, climate change and others.