Quraysh Khan Khattak

Deputy Team Leader

Mr. Quraysh Khan Khattak joined as the Deputy Team Leader of SUBAI Pakistan in June 2018. He has over 22 years of experience in the fields of journalism, parliamentary democracy, elections and civic and voter education.

Mr. Khattak has M.Sc. in History from Quaid-i-Azam University, Islamabad (1995-1996). He has worked as Elections and Parliament Officer with the United Nations Development Programme (2014-2018), as Elections Analyst with Democracy Reporting International (2012-2014) and as consultant with Political Party Development Program of the National Democratic Institute (2012). He has also worked as Programme Manager and Programme Officer with the Centre for Civic Education Pakistan (2005-2011) and as journalist with daily The News (2001-2004) and daily The Frontier Post (1997-1999). 

Mr. Khattak had organized and contributed to several political and parliamentary discussions on electoral reforms both at the federal and provincial levels and closely worked with the Legal Framework Committee of the Election Commission of Pakistan on electoral reforms (2014 to 2017). He has co-authored election related publications including a guidebook for young voters in Pakistan and a report on political finance titled Clean Money for Clean Politics. He is frequently invited as panellist/commentator on parliamentary, political and electoral issues to talk shows of various Pashto and Urdu radio and TV channels. Mr. Khattak has keen interest in parliamentary democracy and elections in Pakistan.