Pre-Budget Seminar

SUBAI-PIPS Pre-Budget Seminars:

The Pakistan Institute for Parliamentary Services (PIPS) as part of its regular and ongoing services to the Assemblies agreed to collaborate with SUBAI- to organize joint Pre-Budget briefing seminars in all four Provincial capitals. Honourable Members of all four Provincial Assemblies participated in the events.

The purpose of the events was to provide the Honourable Members with a better understanding of the budgeting processes, to emphasize the key issues regarding budget activity and to identify the key characteristics of budgeting and public finance management.

The event hosted discussion sessions with the country’s leading experts from academia, civil society and government. The experts delved deeper into themes including budgeting, finance, economic growth, gender-sensitive budgeting and revenue generation.  

The Pre-Budget seminar for the Provincial Assembly of Sindh was held on May 18th, 2017 in Karachi. The PIPS team inaugurated the event and welcomed the Honourable Members of the Assembly. Ms. Donna Bugby-Smith, Team Leader, SUBAI Pakistan and Executive Director PIPS, Mr. Zafar Ullah Khan, welcomed and thanked the Chairperson of the Honourable Minister for Transport & Mass Transit, Labour & HR and Information, Syed Nasir Hussain Shah for his support and time.

The keynote speakers at the event included Dr. Waseem Shahid Malik, Associate Professor and


State Bank of Pakistan Hon. Chair, University of Balochistan; Dr. Kaiser Bengali, Renowned Economist and Member of the National Finance Commission; Mr. Haider Abbas, Additional Director PIPS; Mr. Tarique Hussain Tunio, Commissioner Sindh Revenue Board and Ms. Mahnaz Rahman, Resident Director Aurat Foundation-Karachi.

35 MPAs attended SUBAI Pre-Budget seminar in Sindh.

Discussion sessions focused on the key economic challenges facing Pakistan’s economy with a specific focus on the Sindh Provincial economy; challenges and opportunities regarding the National Finance Commission (NFC) for Sindh; Tips for reading and analyzing budget documents; Revenue generation by Sindh Province; key challenges and opportunities for the Province in relation to the budget; overview of the social sector allocation and outcomes with regard to Gender-based budgeting.


A total of 35 Members of the Provincial Assembly and 23 officials of the Secretariat attended the pre-budget seminar in Sindh.