Niaz Ahmed Kandhir

Senior Key Expert

Mr. Niaz Ahmed Kandhir is a senior key expert based in Karachi. He has the responsibility for developing and delivering the technical assistance in line with the Workplan agreed by the Sindh Provincial Assembly.

Mr. Niaz brought more than 15 years of experience in leading the teams and programmes in the field of democratic development, strengthening of parliament, political parties, advocacy and capacity building for electoral and democratic reforms, advocacy, strengthening civil society, enhancing women and youth political participation and electoral observation. He has worked extensively in advocacy, capacity building, project management, fundraising, trainings, strategic planning and institutional strengthening in the field of development particularly in democratic governance and promotion of human rights.

He is passionate to work for democratic good governance and seeing Pakistan as one of the progressive, inclusive and diverse democracy. He has been working in the field of strengthening the democracy in Pakistan since 2004. During these 14 years, he has witnessed some of the most important democratic developments in Pakistan.

In 2015, he joined hands with about a dozen of other professionals, who call themselves “Cultural Activists” to establish Indus Cultural Forum (ICF) with an aim to promote linguistic and cultural diversity of Pakistan. Being a founder and Chairperson of this Forum in his volunteer capacity, he conceived the idea of the first ever Pakistan Mother Languages Literature Festival

As an optimist, he believes that his work as professional in democratic governance development and volunteerism in culture and arts has definitely paid off in helping to make Pakistan a more progressive and inclusive country. He always feels proud of his association with the work of strengthening parliaments, working on electoral and democratic reforms, supporting civil society capacities and working with political parties to help them become more inclusive, open and transparent.