Knowledge-sharing Inter-provincial Visit of Officials of the Punjab Assembly to GB Assembly

To support the strengthening of parliamentary functions, SUBAI has found an excellent means to share knowledge and information through thematic focused Interprovincial events which help create/strengthen the linkages between the Assemblies. Therefore, a Secretariat-specific Interprovincial Exchange visit for Assembly Secretariat from the Provincial Assembly of Punjab to Gilgit Baltistan Legislative Assembly was held from 13 – 18 July 2018.  Thematic focus of the visit was to learn about the impact of climate change in Gilgit Baltistan and role of legislatures to combat the social, environmental and developmental impact of the climate change.

To witness the impact of climate change participants visited Rama lake/glacier in Astor valley, Attababad in Hunza etc.  The visit concluded with the visit to GB Legislative Assembly, briefing by the Secretary GB Assembly about GB Assembly’s democratic journey from advisory council to Legislative Assembly, presentation by Director General Research and Parliamentary Affairs of the Punjab Assembly, presentation from Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) representative, and tour of the GB Assembly building.

Total 8 officials of Punjab Assembly from key departments including research, parliamentary affairs, legislation and reporting branches were part of the interprovincial exchange visit. The delegation was accompanied by SUBAI Deputy Team Lead, Senior Key Expert, Provincial Lead Coordinator, M&E Associate and logistics team.

Purpose of the visit

  • To develop and enhance the understanding of the Punjab Assembly Secretariat staff about the history of GBLA, multiple governance orders of 2009 and 2018, GBLA’s Rules of Procedures and Conduct of Business 2017 and working of the Standing Committees.
  • For participants to observe, understand and learn about the various initiatives of GB government including establishment of EPA, challenges faced in dealing with environmental hazards
  • To encourage sharing of experience and knowledge through direct engagement amongst Provincial and Legislative Assemblies Secretariats to identify and discuss ideas and lessons learned to improve parliamentary practices.

Program Overview

The six days visit to GB included travel by road travel to Gilgit and back to Lahore. The program in GB was planned for three days which included site visits, visit to GB Assembly and briefing by Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).