Christopher Shields

SUBAI Team Leader

Christopher Shields has over 30 years of experience in governance, elections and political processes, including 20 years working with leaders in emerging democracies in Central and South Asia, the Caucasus, Central Europe, and West Africa.

A veteran of Pakistan, Mr Shields previously headed the USAID Pakistan Legislative Strengthening Project (PLSP), which played a role in the successful creation the Pakistan Institute for Parliamentary Services. Prior to returning to Pakistan to head the EU SUBAI project, he served a year with USAID/Haiti as Senior Advisor for Elections and Political Processes. He has previously directed Parliamentary Assistance projects in Afghanistan and Azerbaijan; additionally, he has worked internationally in electoral and parliamentary assistance projects in Lithuania, Poland, Armenia, Albania, and Tajikistan. He has also held governance consultancies in Pakistan and Sierra Leone, and served as an advisor to a political party in Greece.

In his work, Mr Shields managed programming aimed at greater public understanding of parliamentary processes and successful, sustainable civic engagement in those processes. This work included development of outreach materials to constituents, development and management of guidelines and procedures for public engagement in the parliamentary process – particularly the preparation and presentation of public testimony before parliamentary committees, as well establishment of sustainable constituency service management systems. Other programming areas in which Mr Shields worked include institutionalization of Human Resource practices and procedures, strategic planning, and constituent case management.

Mr Shields began working in governance activities almost two decades ago. He has worked with Members of the U.S. House of Representatives, serving as Communications Director for three Congressmen, and Chief of Staff for a newly-elected Member. Additionally, he served on Capitol Hill as Transition Director of the US House Republican Policy Committee for the newly-elected Chairman. He has worked with state legislatures, in campaign consultation and numerous managerial roles. He also worked four years as Congressional Relations Director in Washington, DC for a national association of state agencies.