Asfa Khan

Provincial Lead Coordinator

Ms. Asfa Khan is the Provincial Lead Coordinator for Punjab. She is responsible for supporting the work led by the Technical Advisory Team (TAT) in Punjab, building and maintaining working relationships with Provincial Political Leadership and the Assembly Secretariat and working on the development of Punjab specific project work plan and activities.

Ms. Asfa Khan is a professional consultant and project manager as well as a television anchor and entrepreneur. She holds a Master’s degree in Literature, Bachelors in Law (LLB), Education (B. Ed) from Punjab University and Diploma in legislative drafting from Boston University.

Before SUBAI, she had worked as Provincial Coordinator for the Pakistan Legislative Strengthening Project (PLSP). In this capacity she actively participated in design, delivery, follow up and monitoring of activities for training, research and library services and communication skills development of the elected representatives. Her most noticeable contribution was the establishment of Women Caucus of elected female members of the Punjab Assembly.