Mohammad Ali Kazmi

Strategic Coordination Advisor

Mohammad Ali Kazmi is the Strategic Coordination Advisor for SUBAI Pakistan, associated with the project since December 2016. He is, responsible for technical development and delivery of the programme in the two Legislative Assemblies of AJ&K and Gilgit Baltistan. He advises and assists the leadership; in stakeholder relationship management and project positioning. He also leads the Communications Strategy implementation for the project, and roll out of communication outreach strategies for provincial and legislative assemblies. Previously he has been part of the SUBAI HRCD team responsible for a detailed capacity assessment of legislatures across Pakistan. He has also designed and lead the YPA programme for the project in all 6 provincial and legislative assemblies overseeing the recruitment, training and management of associates as the Programme Manager; until taking the new role of SCCA in December 2018.

He has a master’s degree in business administration and is an undergraduate in journalism and Education. Ali has worked with various organizations in the government, corporate and development sectors in Pakistan and overseas; and brings a diverse experience of over 10 years in democratic governance; advocacy; research; programme and stakeholder management. Managing and undertaking complex programmes and assignments, he also specializes in design and strategy implementation; public relations, communications and outreach. He has been working for the past 8 years as a parliamentary governance expert in Pakistan mainly leading on advocacy programmes with different stakeholders on gender empowerment, youth, parliamentary strengthening, communications and outreach. After working with National Assembly and Senate for 4 years as the Coordinator for Women’s Parliamentary Caucus; he has been a part of the European Union funded projects in Pakistan working on different positions since 2014 leading mainly on recruitment, training and capacity building programmes.

While working with the national Parliament, he has organized and worked on several parliamentary diplomacy initiatives, bilateral exchanges and joint programmes with international forums, thinktanks and other regional parliaments as well as international parliamentary bodies including CPA UK.

He has a keen interest in public policy and plans to further pursue his career in urban planning and development.