Akif Sattar

Young Parliamentary Associate’s Programme Manager

Mr. Akif Sattar is working with SUBAI as a Young Parliamentary Associates (YPA) Programme Manager. He has an academic background of Political Science along with a deep interest in political and parliamentary system. He is leading the implementation of the programme that encompasses the monitoring, evaluation and reporting of YPAs under the overall SUBAI M&E framework. He makes sure the effective utilization of YPAs placed in the Provincial and Legislative Assemblies through constant feedback from focal persons and assignments/activities carried out by YPAs. He contributes to the wider efforts to ensure that the YPA’s support helps to enhance the effectiveness of the Assembly as a democratic institution.

In his previous role, he was assisting the YPA Manager and dispensing his responsibilities related finance and HR management of YPAs. He worked as Young Parliamentary Associate (YPA) in an EU funded project; Improving Parliamentary Performance in Pakistan (IP3) in February 2015. Akif sharpen his abilities through YPA Programme and realized the importance of democratic governance. It helped him to join the IP3 project team as a Junior Expert in August 2016, at a very crucial stage of the project, just before its culmination in September 2016.

Through overall experience he developed personal growth, interpersonal skills and learning how to deliver technical assistance that achieves measurable impact. Still, there is a long way to go on this road he has embarked on but he became more committed and enthusiastic to contribute in whatever way possible in the field of politics, democracy and the positive image building of his Country.