Adil Javed

Operations & Logistic Coordinator

Mr. Adil Javed is an Operations & Logistic Coordinator in the Subai Team. He supports the Subai Team on operations and technical delivery. He is responsible for procurement, administration and logistics related tasks. He handles day to day administrative activities to ensure smooth project operations.

Adil has more than 10 years’ experience in multi-national organizations. He has worked in both the private and development sector in management support and operations teams, throughout his career.

Previously, Adil worked as Operations Officer at DAI on the DFID flagship project, Aawaz, a Voice & Accountability Project. He has first-hand experience of organizing major conferences and workshops in Pakistan, such as Pre-SAARC Conference and a Women Leaders Conference in Colombo, Sri Lanka.

Adil holds a Master’s in Business Administration and a bachelor in Commerce with majors of International Trade and Business.