About Team Leader


Donna Bugby-Smith      

Donna Bugby-Smith the first SUBAI-Pakistan Team Leader gives us an insight into her experiences which led her to work in Pakistan.


I bring 20 years of experience of working in the democratic/political governance sector in East & West Africa, South, and South-East Asia.

I have now worked successfully with eight different legislative bodies in the following countries Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, Ghana, Nigeria, Jordan, Bangladesh, Lao PDR and most recently Pakistan.


All my assignments have provided me with a unique opportunity to blend legislative strengthening activities with enhancing transparency and accountability particularly by rebalancing the supply/demand issues by engaging directly with civil society to help create greater access and understanding about the value of meaningful and systematic citizen engagement and looking to help citizens exercise their rights which are enshrined in international and domestic legislation.

Assignments in a senior leadership role include contracts with USAID, British Council, DFID SUNY/CID the European Union, and UNDP.  My experiences include working in countries which pose and unique development challenges and where I have been able to make a demonstrable difference. I understand the importance of always seeking to build strong, effective working relationships which are contextualized to meet the needs of the specific country. The crucial issue for me has always been to help create “the shared vision” of what success will look like at the end of the Project period. My role therefore is to effectively make myself redundant by the end of the contract period. I have successfully managed multi-disciplinary national and international teams. My innovative approach to all my assignments building open and collaborative relationships founded on trust and a commitment to find home grown solutions to problems ensures that all my contributions are relevant, effective, and fit for purpose.

I am very family-centric person with a very loving Family in the United Kingdom who provide unconditional support to me in all my assignments and my greatest joy is spending time and hosting family get togethers and travelling to see our friends around the world.

My passion for effective democratic governance drives me ever forwards.